Travel grants

A number of travel grants are available to the conference for European and non-European participants to cover transport and/or accommodation. To apply for a travel grant, during the submission process of your abstract please submit a document containing information on your current role and institution, where are you travelling from, if your project is funded and if your travel is funded. The document should also contain a one-page CV. Priority will be given to non-funded projects and participants with a lack of travel funding. Only applicants submitting an abstract can apply for travel funds.

Communication of the successful applications will be given a few months before the conference.

Abstract info

Abstract length for both podium and poster presentations should be between 200 and 500 words and should be written in English. The text must not include tables, figures and citations.

After registration you will receive an email with information about how to submit your abstract.

For the conference, podium presentations should be in English (both talk and slides). Podium presentations should be 10-12 minutes in length and use PowerPoint format 4/3, allowing for 3-5-minute questions from the public. Please consider making your slides and poster accessible to everyone, you can follow some advice HERE on how to proceed.

Posters should be in A0 format and text can be written in English, Spanish or Catalan. Please note that the poster session will be open also to the general public, therefore a balance between technical and educational language is encouraged.

Participants can only present one poster or one podium as first author, but they can be collaborators on multiple works.

Podium and poster abstract submissions will be open from the 30th of April to the 30th of June 2023.

Registration and payment will be required at the moment of submitting the abstract. It is also possible to purchase a ticket to the meeting without submitting an abstract.

If your abstract is not selected for podium presentation, you will be notified with the option of changing your talk into a poster.

Please note that the committee offers one podium and one poster prize to participants. If you wish to be considered for the prize, please tick the appropriate box during the submission process. The podium winner will be announced during the general assembly and the poster prize winner will be announced on the website the day after the podium session.

The podium and poster prizes consist respectively of a Transmitting Science free course and a small cash prize. The scientific committee that will be chairing the sessions will be responsible for selecting the winners, based on criteria of: scientific soundness, presentation skills and clarity of exposition, clear structure of poster or talk slides.

Please also note that a series of travel grants are available to participants. For more information please visit the travel grants section.


The registration fee is 50€ (taxes included).

Registration and payment is required to be able to submit an abstract. It is also possible to purchase a ticket to the meeting without submitting an abstract.

A number of free conference tickets are available to colleagues who are currently living and working in countries undergoing war conflicts and who wish to attend the AHEAD meeting. Please contact the AHEAD committee at specifying the above-mentioned.

Colleagues from Russia and Belarus have the option of attending without presenting, but only in their capacity as individuals (in the “Affiliation” field in the registration application please write “individual”).

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